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Located in the heart of the downtown Sparks redevelopment area known as Victorian Square, the brewery was founded by Nevada beer pioneers Tom Young and Eric McLary. Working with a few others who shared the dream, they successfully lobbied the Nevada Legislature to legalize brewpubs. Now one of Nevada's most award-winning breweries, they first opened their doors in 1993. The beer, food and spirit of the brewery and restaurant are inspired by the rich heritage of the expansive "Great Basin" region, and the legacy of those who settled it.


Located in the back of the building behind the glass wall is the Stainless Steel, JV 7 barrel brewing system and fermenter tanks. Accompanied by the 22 barrel storage and serving tanks, the room operates 24 hours a day to accomodate the needs of the beer loving locals. Natural light fills the fully occupied space in the day. Keg storage takes place in the same area, which tends to spill out into the bar - no pun intended.


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Brewmaster Tom Young: Information coming soon!

Brewmaster: Jazz Aldrich is a UNR graduate with a biology degree, who applies his expertise in the brewery’s yeast lab, where he cultivates and propagates the yeast used in fermentation... more information coming soon!

Brewer: Ryan Quinlan has spent 10 years home brewing and is a founding member of the UNR College Brewers Association, one of the largest in the USA. As a Bio/Chem graduate, he has worked at several local breweries and also at the local home brew shop teaching classes. As a BJCP judge he also writes a column on brewing techniques and recipes for the local Reno Passport magazine. When he's not expanding his experience in making mead, wine and cheese, you'll find him playing banjo around town...

Assistant Brewer: Matt Sager started as a home brewer in the Sacramento Home Brewers club. A UC Davis graduate in 2007 from the Master Brewer Program, his previous occupation was in the medical field, as a Phlebotomist. His work at the blood banks makes him a natural around the plumbing systems of the brewery. Although not a vampire, he has stuck his teeth firmly into the art of craft brewing!


Entering from the courtyard, the side door opens to a greeter's station serving several colorful seating areas in the restaurant. To the left, there's the long wooden bar that ends at the brewery's glass wall. Bright, natural light illuminates the main spaces which feature two murals, one depicting Wheeler Peak, and the other a collage of Great Basin themes. Exposed ceiling ductwork, colorful red, yellow and green walls and accents create a vibrant atmosphere for the many guests. Televisions, neon signs, beer bottle displays and many framed beer awards hang around the room.

The bar has 2 tap staions serving 10 to 14 beers, the standard flagship beers and a variety of seasonals. A cask condition tap is also usually ready to pour. Chalkboard plaques hang above with a description of what's currently available from the rotating selction. Surface mounted gaming machines are available on the bar with seating for about 20. There's an additional raised platform area with seating and tables in the bar, a full liquor and wine selection, and a refridgerator with a variety of belgian beers that are also available.

Outside, a beautiful courtyard is full of tables with umbrellas for seasonal fun. A large, elevated stage with a tall light rigging for live music and other attractions is set back among the trees. This patio area is available for everyday lunch and dinner, and turns into a great outdoor venue many nights of the week. 


Bitter Recession: This special brew is modeled after an English style Special Bitter: a flavorful, refreshing, session beer. Earthy, floral East Kent Golding hops are backed by a smooth caramel maltiness. The recession is a bitter pill to swallow but this Bitter Recession will have you feeling good in no time! (4.8% ABV)
Cerveza Chilibeso: Brewed in the pilsner style, light in body, crisp and fresh, with just a kiss (beso) of Jalapeno. Judged as one of the best beers in America; a three time Gold Medal Winner at the Great American Beer Festival. (5.5%
Hop Head Ale: This wonderfully aromatic strong ale boasts a most generous addition of a Nugget and Columbus hop varieties, weighing in at 100 IBUs. Enjoy the perfume-floral esters from the dry-hopped Columbus hops and the bitter-sweet palate of this unique brew. Additional charge applies. (8.7%
Ichthyosaur India Pale Ale: Just say "Gimme an Icky!" Named after Nevada's official state fossil, this beer is made in the India Pale Ale style. Ichthyosaur is accented by a blast of Cascade hops. (6.4 %
Jackpot Porter: Yahoo! You've hit the big one! The nutty, roasted flavors and creamy palate of this dark English classic makes it one of the most sought after of all our brews. An intriguing beer and a reward for any occasion. (5.5%
Katie's Cream Ale: Creamy, smooth, crisp ,lightly hopped, and straw in color, an early 20th century American-style Ale. (5.0%
Kristall Weizen: A filtered version of our Wheeler Peak Wheat beer. Crystal clear, clean and delicious. (5.4%
Nevada Gold: You've struck it rich! Taste the smooth finish and delicate balance of this German K?lsch Beer, brewed with 2-row barley and wheat malts, and a kiss of noble Saaz hop grown in the Pilsen region of Czechoslovakia. (5.0%
Outlaw Oatmeal Stout: Outlaws and gentle folk alike are captivated by this dark beer. It marries the deep coffee-like flavors of roasted barley with a silky texture contributed by rolled oats. 2008 World Beer Cup Silver Medal Winner. (4.9%
Russian Imperial Stout: Incorporating eight different malts, this high-quality stout offers a sweet, roasty flavor profile with hints of chocolate and coffee, a superior English hop accent and a super smooth texture. (9.0%
ABV) Sold only in 10 oz. glasses.
Truckee River Red: Made with 100% organic barley and hops pure, refreshing, smooth, nutty, caramelly rich, and very satisfying this unfiltered ale is brewed as a tribute to the brewery's lifeblood, our beloved Truckee River. (5.4%
Whoop-Ass Witbier: A warm weather refresher aromatic and spicy, brewed in strict accord to the Belgium (white) wheat ale style with a distinctive yeast strain, unmalted wheat, barley, oats and Curacao orange peel and coriander. Unfiltered. (5.4%
Wild Horse Ale: This award-winning amber ale is guaranteed to tame your wild thirst. Wild Horse is brewed in the German Alt bier tradition. It gets its malty, rich and complex flavor from a blend of five malts. A two-time Bronze Medal winner at the Great American Beer Festival. (4.8%


Belgian Lavender: A new seasonal beer brewed with locally grown Royal Velvet Lavender from Lavender Ridge.  This garnet hued Belgian Ale has spicy yeast notes which pair nicely with hints of lavender and a sweet finish.  (7.6% ABV)

Red Nose Wassail: This years annual traditional Wassail is spiced with cinnamon, nutmeg, rose hips, orange peel, and coriander.

Rosemary Rye: Another annual favorite that is sure to go well with holiday dinner, Rye malt additions compliment this Rosemary seasoned Ale.


2008 World Beer Cup (WB Cup) Silver Medal: Sweet Stout - "Outlaw Stout"

2006 GABF Gold Medal: Smoked Beer - "Smokecreek Rauchbier"
2006 World Beer Championship (WBC) Silver Medal: "Ichthyosaur India Pale Ale"
2006 WBC Bronze Medal: "Stone Mother Marzen"

2002 WBC Silver Medal: "Outlaw Oatmeal Stout"

2001 WB Cup Bronze Medal: European-Style Dark/Münchner Dunkel - "Slam Dunkel"
2001 WB Cup Silver Medal: (Extra Special) Strong Bitter - "Black Rock ESB"
2001 WB Cup Gold Medal: Chocolate/Cocoa Flavored - "Death by Chocolate Stout"
2001 Beverage Testing Institute Silver Medal: "Nevada Gold Kolsch"

2000 GABF Silver Medal: European Dark/Munchner - "Slam Dunkel"

1999 GABF Gold Medal: Herb-Spice - "Cerveza ChileBeso"

1998 GABF Gold Medal: Herb-spice -
"Rosemary Rye Patch"

1997 GABF Silver Medal: Herb-spice - 
"Cerveza ChileBeso"

1995 GABF Bronze Medal: Altbier/German-Style Brown Ale - "Wild Horse Ale"

1994 GABF Bronze Medal: Altbier/German-Style Brown Ale - "Wild Horse Ale"
1994 GABF Gold Medal: Herb-spice - "Cerveza Chilebeso"


Live Music on the patio stage (seasonal & on weekends)

Happy Hours: 3-6pm Monday-Friday

Tightwad Tuesday!

Thursday Farmers Market (seasonal)


Great Basin Brewing (original)
846 Victorian Avenue
Sparks, NV 89431
(775) 355-7711

Great Basin Brewing (new)
5525 South Virginia Street
Reno, NV  89502
(775) 284-7711



Information coming soon!


Growlers, 5.2 gallon kegs and 15.5 gallon kegs to go!


Information coming soon! 




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