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The Nevada Brewers Guild was founded in 2009 to build the community of professional Nevada brewers, unite and support our breweries and associates, and to be an advocate for local legislation. We believe that the best beer you can drink in Nevada is what we produce here.

"NBG" also promotes Nevada's brewing industry by showcasing the talent of our brewers who provide a wide variety of beer for festivals and special events. We strive to bring awareness to the public that our local product is superior in flavor and should be considered a special pleasure that needs to be appreciated!

It's also our mission to ensure that the brewing tradition of creating high quality beers here in Nevada be carried on for future generations...

So whether you're a resident or just visiting our beautiful state, we invite you to stop by any of our breweries and enjoy a few pints of fresh, locally produced beer.


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Welcome!Breweries"The Beer Scene"Events!NewsInformation & Links